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I'm Chris, professional detective of the ages, part-time chickadee, full-time Bird Prince, and certified kaiju hunter.

Also, I make games. And somehow I make enough money selling them to buy food stuff and pay rent stuff and cat stuff, so I guess this is the part in my profile where I say that's kind-of, sort-of, definitely my job now.

I code in Python, use PS CS6, prefer paper and pencil, write a lot, and am self-taught.

I love the Batfamily and wish I was a Robin and secretly pretend I'm Nightwing while city exploring at night. In reality, I'm not remotely that cool and never will be.

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So, speaking of nifty indie game projects, take a look at this Indiegogo campaign.

42 Light Years”.  The art is super pretty, the story and protagonist look really different and interesting, and it’s being made by a small developer called “Huxi” consisting of a few dudes with a track record of creating neat stuff.

From the campaign page:

"Embark on a journey where wits will come foremost in order to overcome each challenge. Through trial and error, discover the various ways to approach a puzzle. Some will reveal themselves to be dauntingly obvious (such as letting the hours on your device’s clock go by), while some will require you to come up with a strategy the fabric of which shall be woven with some colorful ideas (ever thought of willingly fast-evolving yourself to adapt to conditions of the future, gaining skills that you will need in the past? … yeah, we hadn’t either)."

So yes!  I rec getting word about this around.  It has the potential to become something that really stands out in the game industry, which is a place that can always use this very rare type of coolness.

LINKS —————

Campaign Page

Development Site

posted 03 May 2013 @ 10:49
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