• Chris/25/Portland/INTJ/Ravenclaw
• Aspie/Gender-Neutral pronouns
• Comics, scribbles, and game design

I'm Chris, professional detective of the ages, part-time chickadee, full-time Bird Prince, and certified kaiju hunter.

Also, I make games. And somehow I make enough money selling them to buy food stuff and pay rent stuff and cat stuff, so I guess this is the part in my profile where I say that's kind-of, sort-of, definitely my job now.

I code in Python, use PS CS6, prefer paper and pencil, write a lot, and am self-taught.

I love the Batfamily and wish I was a Robin and secretly pretend I'm Nightwing while city exploring at night. In reality, I'm not remotely that cool and never will be.

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A I S H I T E R U  N O  S T R A W B E R R Y   B R E E Z E  [part one]


High school student Loki is good at classes and is a great friend.  But unknown to everyone, he is haunted by dreams of a mysterious shadowed person chasing and hitting him in the face with a hammer.  When a strange but handsome new student transfers to Sakuramochi High, his dreams start becoming more clear - but his life, more dangerous.


R E V I E W S 


"Best game since Bioshock and everything ever before that."

- Gamespot

"It’s like Thor took Skyrim, Metal Gear Solid and Portal, combined them, and smashed them all with his hammer over and over to turn them into the perfectly golden game-flavored pancake and now he’s holding the pancake up to your face and feeding it to you by hand.  He’s also naked."


"More addictive than Pokemon Gold and Silver."

- Indiegamer


D O W N L O A D  L I N K S


Windows: Click here

Mac: Click here

Linux: Click here

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