• Chris/25/Portland/INTJ/Ravenclaw
• Aspie/Gender-Neutral pronouns
• Comics, scribbles, and game design

I'm Chris, professional detective of the ages, part-time chickadee, full-time Bird Prince, and certified kaiju hunter.

Also, I make games. And somehow I make enough money selling them to buy food stuff and pay rent stuff and cat stuff, so I guess this is the part in my profile where I say that's kind-of, sort-of, definitely my job now.

I code in Python, use PS CS6, prefer paper and pencil, write a lot, and am self-taught.

I love the Batfamily and wish I was a Robin and secretly pretend I'm Nightwing while city exploring at night. In reality, I'm not remotely that cool and never will be.

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"To keep the exercises clear, this book was written as if you were an enrolled student in an art school…

…However, I realize that there are many talented people who are not in a position to go to a school and yet who deserve some opportunity of guidance because of their ability and desire.”

- Kimon Nicolaides, in his introduction to “The Natural Way to Draw”

This man just became my favorite art teacher in the world in about 10 minutes.

I would suggest this for basically everyone ever who is taking the time to do personal art studies.  You should be able to download an ebook version here or here (send me an ask if the links don’t work and I’ll put it up somewhere).  Which isn’t legal strictly speaking, but my opinion on learning/lack of having access to learning resources doesn’t really comply with what’s legal, so fuck that shit.

posted 16 Nov 2011 @ 08:02
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