Common Swift (Apus apus) »by Fred


Common Swift (Apus apus) »by Fred

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Three more characters from Detective Chirpums: Private Investigator!

From left to right:

Watcher Wrents: Chirpums’ ex-partner when they were both on the force.

With incredibly keen observation skills and ability to notice and look at things in ways that most other birds would never think of, Watcher helps Chirpums while working inside the headquarters of the corrupt police force.
The incidents surrounding the loss of his wing were critical in Chirpums’ decision to  leave the police and work for only two things: honest justice, and himself.

Despite his wing, Watcher remains possibly the most capable bird in the police - something not gone without notice by Chief Harris, the ringleader of the organization.  The Chief, aware of Watcher’s honesty and good intentions, uses Watcher’s wing as an excuse to keep him glued to unimportant paper.  But that doesn’t sway Watcher and his determination to someday make the police force a group to be trusted, along with helping Chirpums on the way.

Red Herring: The sole writer and owner of a small independent city newspaper called The Beakingham Post.

The paper, he says, voices nothing but the truth, given from every angle.  It follows both the police and the biggest crime lords Beakingham has to offer, even putting himself in harm’s way to let the “truth” be known.  He says that it “is out there”.  You just have to look.

Despite his seemingly good intentions and insistence on his paper being non-opinionated, it’s clear that it’s filled with biased opinions.  While he does it “for the good of birdkind”, it doesn’t take long for Chirpums to notice that his journalism leaves out important facts and glosses over complex stories.  The way Chirpums sees it, is the paper might do some good for birdkind all in all, but more often than not, Red omits writing in facts and details that the very birds he’s trying to help want the world to know - something the journalist tries his best to turn a blind eye to.

Red’s critical of just about everything and can start a rant on just about anything.  To the point of whether or not he actually feels that way is up to question.  He’s a vocal, inquisitive, and quick to vilify herring - and, while Chirpums isn’t his biggest fan of him and his arguable superiority complex, he can acknowledge the young shorebird at least makes a damn good cup of coffee.

Mouse Tufty: Owner of The Roost: Bar & Casino, Mouse is a close friend of Chirpums with an eye for business and a tongue for wit.

Not one to beat around bushes, she gives her opinions as directly as she can - whether she thinks you’ll like them or not.  It’s a trait Chirpums has always admired, making her one of the view birds he can trust in a city where you can’t trust anyone.  Despite this, Mouse is very compassionate and places her employees and patrons both on equal footing as far as respect.

Mouse’s family disapproved of her dream to own a bar - an upstanding managerial position “not fit for a female bird” in their eyes.  She came to the city with nothing on her back but her determination, sly words, and uncanny resourcefulness.  Now?  She’s running the most high class bar and casino the city’s ever seen, with patrons ranging from successful criminals to posh socialites to gambling addicts to wine connoisseurs, and everything in between - “if you have the money to pay, you won’t be turned away.”

Normally, a cheap bird like Chirpums wouldn’t be welcome.  But he amuses Mouse, she likes his beliefs in truth and justice, and they’ve become good friends over time.

Despite leaving her family behind in the suburbs and being a difficult, often intimidating, bird in general to get to know (and not just because of her high status), Mouse has found her family in him, Watcher, and a select few employees of The Roost.  Many of them look to her as an older sibling who always knows what to do in any given situation - most of the time, she does.

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detectives have bad posture because they always have a hunch about something

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real shoulders


real shoulders

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super ruff, where did my energy go


super ruff, where did my energy go

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ざわ ざわ


ざわ ざわ

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Title: Kinder Way to Function

Pairing: Kaiji/Akagi

Rating: NC-17, language, blowjobs, mentions of violence

Wordcount: 585

Summary: [Serial Killer AU]  Everyone’s their own ticking bomb.  Some just have a shorter timer than others.  Kaiji wonders if Akagi ever had one to begin with, or if he was all fire and shrapnel since the beginning.

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Somebody stop me from writing Kaiji/Akagi serial killer AU porn

Title: Best-Looking Set of Keys

Pairing: Kazuya/Kaiji

Rating: PG-13-ish for makeouts and grinding

Wordcount: 683

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types of breads some FKMT characters might be if they were breads:

  • Kaiji: white bread
  • Akagi: raisin bread
  • Gin: banana bread
  • Morita: corn bread
  • Kazuya: pita bread 
  • Muraoka: sourdough bread
  • Ichijou: pumpernickel bread

Feel free to add more, or your opinions on the characters and their bread types

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